Overview for Search & Find

We all experience the thought or feeling of curiosity about people that we have encountered during our lives. For many different reasons, we occasionally lose touch with people that we think of in retrospect. Old neighbors, friends, military buddies, ex-coworkers, roommates, etc.... We catch ourselves asking the question "I wonder what ever happened to so and so?"

Using the same concept of time and location, uencounter.me offers users the opportunity to satisfy our curiosity by posting an Inquiry about the person in question. Placing an Inquiry on the global map where you encountered the individual you are searching for will allow other users who read the Inquiry to respond to you if they may have also crossed paths with that person. Perhaps that man or woman is also wondering about you and will sign on to unencounter.me, be curious about a place they have also been, and find your Inquiry post.

The uniqueness of this feature enables you to search for people when you may not remember their full name or even when you did not know their name based solely on the time and place where you last encountered them.

Of course, we respect the privacy of all individuals require that all users accept our privacy policy!

To use this feature, drop a pin in the location where you would like your Inquiry posted - fill out the brief Inquiry form and post! It is that simple. Your pending Inquires will be listed when you click on the top tab "pending Inquires". All Inquires are denoted with an orange pin while the search is open. When someone contacts you regarding the Inquiry, you will have the ability to respond through uencounter.me. Once the person you are searching for is found, you may close the Inquiry in which case the pin color will change to brown.