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Sydnie L.
Sydnie L.
Mar 1st, 2013
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This was our second mandatory excursion with all of the students from the Castle. We stayed in two different hotels in the middle of Madrid, and they were really nice with a cool balcony and a shower that shot water from every direction! This weekend was very busy because they kept our days full with many mandatory excursions. We went to a bunch of churches and museums, most of which I can't remember because it honestly wasn't something I was interested in. We did do one excursion that I really liked, which was a tour of the Royal Palace. It was absolutely amazing and it was one of the most regal places I've ever been. The food in Madrid was FANTASTIC; tapas became my new best friend! One night, we drank sangria and then got accidentally drunk from what I thought was a cleansing sorbet at the end of the meal. It was actually a shot of some unknown alcohol. Good times! But I really liked the atmosphere of Spain a lot, and I would love to go back.

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